HK-52 Droids

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HK-52 Droids

Added Sun Nov 13th 2016 12:00am Download

A repurposing of Earendil's brilliant mesh conversion for HK-50. These updated droids can now be played as regular (male and female) Sims.

Included are thirteen color schemes for "HK-52" droids: one standard gray, eight basic colors, and four camouflage patterns. These droids have a sleeker texture based partially on HK-51 from Star Wars: The Old Republic, but since the mesh is the same as the older droid models and not totally accurate to HK-51, I've given them a different number.

All necessary files are included in the zip, including the mesh by Earendil and the headless skin tones and no hair by Bink13y that you need to make them look right.
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