Instead of putting my policy in a readme file and including it in every single .zip, and then needing to update them all if my policy changes (I promise not to change my policy very often), I thought it would be better to post all policy information in a single location (here). To keep things simple, this policy takes precedence over anything else I may have posted in the past regarding my Sims creations.

Can I recolor Sims2Pop objects or clothing?
Yes! If you want to make recolors of something of mine, great! I love recolors. It baffles me that some creators don't—recolors make the original object more versatile and appealing to more players. That benefits everybody involved.

Can I re-use Sims2Pop textures?
Yes! Edit my textures, reuse them for new objects, whatever you want to do. We're not talking about some masterpiece I'm trying to sell so I can keep ramen on the table... it's just a game texture, and chances are it was originally based on somebody else's work and I just edited it a lot. So go for it.

Can I include a Sims2Pop mesh with my recolor?
Yes, please! In fact I strongly encourage you to do so. Having to go to different sites to track down meshes is a pain in the butt, I don't want players to have to do that on my account.

Can I edit Sims2Pop meshes to make my own objects or clothing?
Yes! I know it can be tricky finding a mesh that will work as a base for what you want to make. If you think one of my meshes will be a good starting point for your own, go for it!

Can I clone Sims2Pop objects or clothing as a base for my own?
Yes! I rarely make changes of my own to an object's functionality, so there probably aren't many instances where my object is going to be a better base than whatever I started with. But if there's something I've made that you just really want to use as a base for your own, that's fine by me.

Can I share Sims2Pop downloads with other people?
In some circumstances. If you want to share files with a friend who has a hard time accessing them, go for it. Or if this site ever goes offline and doesn't come back, then by all means please archive my stuff. Forbidding people from ensuring that my downloads are preserved would not benefit anyone, especially not me. But if Sims2Pop is still up, please don't just rehost my content.

Should I give credit to Sims2Pop when I post my derivative work?
Please do! Not only is it polite, but knowing that people enjoy my downloads encourages me to keep posting things.

A quick note on policies
I re-use other creators' works pretty frequently. This might mean using edited textures if I was trying to match someone else's set, or using their mesh as a base, or cloning an object to make my own. So if you want to use something of mine, be sure to check that someone else hasn't been credited for part of it. If a download of mine is based on someone else's work, please respect their policy too.

Restricted sites
If you want to publish something you've made based on my content, and/or include parts of it in your download (eg. a mesh you have recolored), there are great free sites like Mod The Sims and Garden of Shadows where you can post your work and lots of people will be able to download and enjoy it. If you have a personal site, that's cool too. My only condition regading hosting locations is that I don't want derivatives of my work to be posted on pay sites. This includes sites like The Sims Resource where some of the content is free. Whether your upload would remain free or not doesn't matter—I don't want my work on such sites.

Keep it friendly
Because personally I don't like X-rated stuff in The Sims. I know some people play that way, but knowing that my stuff was being modified for those purposes would make me sad. Keep it on the same maturity level as official Sims 2 content. Then I won't be too embarrassed to link to your creation to show everyone how cool it is. Fair? ;)

About conversions
I know that some creators are strongly opposed to having their creations converted to TS3 and TS4, particularly since EA got all weird about claiming rights over user-created content for these newer games. Personally, I don't mind if people convert my stuff. After all, most of my downloads are already based on stuff that is copyrighted to someone else—for example, all the SWTOR designs and textures are copyrighted to BioWare and/or LucasArts and/or Disney. So EA is probably not going to be too interested in that stuff anyways. I would be very happy to hear about conversions of anything I've made—so send me a link! I'd be a lot more likely to try the newer games if I knew I had content like that waiting for me.