...Far, Far Away

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...Far, Far Away

Added Sat Apr 22nd 2017 12:00am Download

Now your Star Wars Sims can live in a galaxy far, far away! This is the largest pack I've made for TS2 yet, and contains 136 files, including:

The included plants:

The two large fan plants are not included or counted as part of this set since they have already been released, but I do recommend using them in conjunction with these plants, since they add some nice height. I've also found that the Bon Voyage pines fit Odessen pretty well.

The Belsavis and Oriconian stalks use a brand new mesh created by myself.

The Blood Razor, Cave, Odessen and Violet Ferns are based on a TS3 mesh converted by Veranka. Like my previously released Star Wars ferns, they will appear under Decorative → Plants.

The grasses and other small plants are recolors of Kate's Resplendant Garden Grass from Parsimonious (mesh included).

The rock recolors are of marvine's waterfall and matching rocks and Nengi's rock collection. Those objects' meshes are included in this download, as per the creators' policies.

I also highly recommend going to Plumb Bob Keep and downloading the Movie Props (Cave Set) rocks by HChangeri. This version has been modified by Michelle so that it borrows all its textures from marvine's rocks (the same ones included in this pack)... meaning they will use the rock textures in this pack automatically. Neat, huh?

Additional credits go to Voeille for their sand groundcovers and Pixelhate for their Volcano terrain paint. Some of these terrains were adapted for the sand and volcanic rock of Korriban, Lehon, Tatooine, and Oricon.

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