Barbed Ginx

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Barbed Ginx

Thu Jan 12th 2017 12:00am
Added Wed Dec 14th 2016 12:00am Download

The ginx is an animal found in Star Wars: The Old Republic. It may be the first Star Wars critter created for The Sims 2, as I am not aware of any others. It is also my first custom meshed object, rather than a recolor. :)

Ginxes are large amphibians found on the planets Makeb and Yavin IV, usually around bodies of water. Smaller ones can be kept as pets by players, but fully grown adults can reach bearlike sizes and pose a serious hazard. These ginxes are about half-grown, small enough to still be peaceful.

Four species (breeds?) are included:

The ginx is based on a frog mesh converted from The Sims: Medieval by VampireKiss6661. Because it is a fairly low-poly mesh and was sized up considerably from the original, there is a little shadow strangeness around the elbows, but I'm not sure that can be fixed.

I didn't change the category from the original, so the ginx appears under Miscellaneous → Pets for $100 and requires the Pets expansion pack.

Updated 1/12/2017 to fix a mistake with the GUID that was causing it to clash with the object it was cloned from. If you downloaded before, please redownload.

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