Rokea v.2

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Rokea v.2

Added Wed Feb 1st 2017 12:00am Download

Here is an improved version of my Rokea were-sharks, now with different life stages included.

These new Rokea can't be used the same way as version 1. Version 1 was a costume that could be applied to any existing Sim and removed again later. This new must be used with a headless skin tone, which means this form of lycanthropy (selachanthropy?) is basically permanent.

This version is for males and females from teen to elder. The body mesh is based on SynapticSim's harpy mesh. The head was created by myself. The skin tone is based partly on one of the textures from the game Depth.

It comes with a skin tone based on one of the custom skin tones by Genensims, with one difference: babies, toddlers and children all look normal, but the teens, adults and elders are headless just like Bink13y's headless skin tone. This way your Rokea sims can start out looking like normal humans and transform into were-sharks in their teen years.

As with the raptors, I've included Bink13y's no hair mod. Based on my testing, no mod is needed for the eyes because the shark head hides them completely.

Rokea are © White Wolf Games.

Poly count: It has 4159 polys. SynapticSim's original harpy mesh has 5719 polys. So the Rokea mesh actually has fewer polys, and shouldn't cause any problems.

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