Tatooine Tykes

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Tatooine Tykes

Added Fri Jun 23rd 2017 12:00am Download

When I started thinking about making Star Wars furniture for TS2, the first thing that came to mind was a nursery. There are so few nursery sets compared to other rooms, and only a small fraction of nursery sets have anything to do with sci fi. It's not hard to put together an acceptable Star Wars-esque bedroom or dining room, but good luck putting together a nice-looking nursery!

So here is a nursery set for your Star Wars Sims. I've never seen such objects for Star Wars, so these are inspired by the look of SWTOR furniture rather than being directly based on canon items. Some of these objects are recolors, some are "tweaked" to look a little more sci-fi, and some are brand new meshes.

The crib was originally based on the TS3 Lullabies & Nursery Rhymes crib converted by TheNinthWave, but has been cloned and remeshed. It isn't animated, since the crib it was based on wasn't animated either. Since the bars have been replaced with a forcefield, I think it looks a little less strange in use than the original.

The changing table is an original mesh. It requires Seasons. It's shaped in such a way that Sims' hands won't clip when they reach for the baby powder. Yay!

The activity table is based on the TS3 Animal Friends Activity Table converted by The Ninth Wave Sims, but was cloned from the Country Bun Activity Table by Kate at Parsimonious so that it could be recolored. Like all activity tables, it requires the FreeTime expansion.

The potty is a recolor of the Country Bumpkin potty by Kate at Parsimonious.

The holographic mobile is an original mesh. It doesn't turn on and off, or light up the room, but it does glow in the dark. The creature icons are based on ThinkGeek car window decals, because cuteness.

The nursery painting is cloned from a basegame painting.

The Tooka teddy is cloned from the basegame teddy bear. Its proportions are a little different, so there is some clipping when child Sims play with it.

The toy box is cloned from the basegame toy box.

There are three small toys of the sort that come out of the toy box: a tauntaun, a manka cat, and a speeder. These small toys come in two flavors, and the files for both sets are clearly marked so you can tell which ones are which.

  1. There is a set of default replacements which will override the regular toys. This means that all your Sims will have these Star Wars toys instead of the regular ones, regardless of which toy box they use.
  2. If you would rather keep the regular TS2 toys in your game, I have also included buyable versions (based on the Almighty Hat's buyable toys) that don't replace anything. The hitch is that these non-replacements can't be retrieved from a toy box: you have to buy them separately in Buy Mode.

The floor rug is based on the SWTOR Underworld Traveler's Rug, but recolored to match the rest of the furniture. The original orange color from SWTOR is also included.

Polygon counts:
 Changing table: 1030 polys
 Crib: 1426 polys (slightly less than EA's original, which had 1446 polys)
 Floor rug: 114 polys
 Manka cat toy: 292 polys
 Mobile: 216 polys
 Nursery painting: 44 polys
 Speeder toy: 186 polys
 Tauntaun toy: 1002 polys
 Tooka teddy: 1284 polys (compare the original teddy, which had 1596 polys)
 Toy box: 136 polys

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