Remote Fury

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Remote Fury

Added Fri Jun 23rd 2017 12:00am Download

What do kids in the Star Wars galaxy play with? Why not a remote controlled spaceship? Your Imperial kiddies can enjoy their very own space battles in miniature with this controllable model Sith Fury.

The remote control Fury is an original mesh. It was cloned from the toy helicopter, meaning it is playable—and it requires FreeTime to work. It only has 242 polys, which certainly won't do your game any harm; the original helicopter had over 718 polys.

Many thanks go to Chris Hatch, whose nifty NPC "Vicky" made this object possible. Vicky (included in the download) makes custom NPC-controlled objects like this one safer for your game. Definitely a great object and I really cannot thank Chris enough for his help in making this ship functional; full instructions on what Vicky does are included in the download.

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