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Jedi Archives

Added Sun Apr 23rd 2017 12:00am Download

In the Star Wars galaxy, books are rare artifacts, and virtually all documents—written or pictoral—are digital. With this library archive, your Star Wars-inclined Sims can access knowledge and read entertaining holonovels without having to put a bookcase in their home.

Because it occupies two tiles, the Jedi Archive was cloned from the Mysterious Looking Bookcase, and as such it requires Apartment Life. It comes with six recolors.

But that's not the only thing included in this download! The file marked "datapad" is an (optional) default replacement that will make your Sims' books look like Star Wars datapads! It took a lot of finagling to get it to look right... Sims carry it a little funny and occasionally pretend like they're flipping nonexistant pages, but otherwise it looks pretty convincing when they read it.

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