Star Wars Ferns

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Star Wars Ferns

Thu Jan 12th 2017 12:00am
Added Wed Dec 14th 2016 12:00am Download

Another new/edited mesh, this time for one (or two) of my favorite plants in Star Wars. These plants grow on several planets and are quite large (just over one storey), which makes them useful for filling out your alien jungles. They are based on the potted fan palm that was converted from TS3 by Amovitam.

Two species are included:

Because this plant was cloned from a potted plant, it appears in the Furnishings → Decorations → Plants menu and costs $100. I chose to leave it there instead of recategorizing it—I figured people might want to keep their alien plants separate from the Earth types.

Updated 1/12/2017 to fix a mistake with the GUID that was causing it to clash with the object it was cloned from. If you downloaded before, please redownload.

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