Star Wars Banners

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Star Wars Banners

Added Tue Dec 13th 2016 12:00am Download

A set of eighteen Star Wars recolors of the wonderful tapestry mesh from Parsimonious (the mesh is included in the download). I really love this tapestry and have wanted to make some recolors of it for a while now.

I'm quite happy with most of these, although certain ones turned out less than stellar (no pun intended) due to the quality of the original screenshots. I've included the imperfect ones just in case anyone really wanted them. The files are all clearly named, so you can decide for yourself if they are worth keeping or not.

Please note that because the original banner is a 3D object, it has a slight shadow on its edges. This means that the differently shaped banners—the Mandalorian, Revanite, and Corellia spaceport banners—have a slight shadow that does not really match the banners' shapes. And for some bizarre reason, the transparency of the golden bar is affected in an odd way. Again, which banners you choose to use in your game is up to you. Personally, I find it barely noticeable when actually playing the game.

All designs come from Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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