Were-Sharks (Rokea)

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Were-Sharks (Rokea)

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The world in which Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines takes place has plenty of werewolves (called Garou), but it also has a variety of different shapeshifters or "changing breeds". Among them are the were-sharks, known as Rokea.

Bloodlines has a Rokea character named Zygaena, who transforms into a hammerhead shark. This outfit is based primarily on his appearance in the game, though a little smaller and more streamlined—it made a bit more sense to me for Rokea to be hydrodynamic than just looking like the Hulk with a shark's head.

The head comes from the "Marky Sharky" conversion by ronyu02 but has been edited to change the pose and fix the bone assignments so that the neck won't look funny when the head is tilted very far up or down. The body is based off of Nova L's Basic Evil Alien body mesh, which was edited with her permission.

Note that the head is technically classed as hair, and the body "outfit" can be used for any occasion. Both can be worn by both males and females, but the body can only be used by adult Sims—I didn't make other life stages as Rokea only gain the ability to shapeshift upon maturity and they don't age beyond adulthood.

If you have the Seasons EP, you could do what I did and set both to be worn as swimwear. My Rokea Sims "transform" into their were-shark forms every time they go for a swim. It makes visits to the pool a whole lot more interesting!

Rokea are © White Wolf Games.
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